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Sohl Hookah was formed around the vision of taking your event to the next level. Our team cares about providing a pleasant experience while sharing our love for hookah with you and your guests. We are committed to providing the best hookah experience to your event with quality hookahs and top brand tobacco flavors.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations by elevating your event to a luxurious and relaxing experience. Our team of experts not only strives to create an eventful experience, but we also take pride in educating our clients on how to maximize their hookah sessions. 


We serve clients around Atlanta, GA, and are thrilled to add an experience to your event that you won’t forget. If you and your party enjoy a good social smoking environment, this will be the right addition to your event. 


Our mission at Sohl Hookah is to constantly strive to provide the most memorable hookah experience to our client’s event. Our team values investing into quality hookahs and tobacco flavors customized to the client’s preference, while putting forward great service and enjoyable entertainment.

Add some flair to your event and allow Sohl Hookah to be a part of your celebration! We serve private parties, weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, corporate events, and more.


Monday-Thursday 5pm-12am

Friday 5pm-1am

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Sunday 12pm-8pm

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